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Sermorelin has been approved for medical use by the US Food and Drug Administration. What is Sermorelin used for? It is a synthetic hormone designed to stimulate the human body’s pituitary gland in order to promote development and maintenance of the human growth hormone naturally. It needs to be properly administered and managed under the care of a qualified and authorized medical practitioner. It has great benefits for weight loss remedies; giving people more energy and helping them reverse (premature) ageing.

What is Sermorelin used for

The primary benefit of utilizing the synthetic hormone is that it positively addresses hormone deficiencies. The synthetic hormone is similar to the natural hormone in the human body. While releasing hormones typically have forty four amino acids, the synthetic variant only contains the first twenty nine. After this hormone is administered, patients can expect to experience improvements in their daily physical performance.

The functioning of their immune system is greatly improved as well. It was already mentioned that as part of an effective weight loss remedy, the synthetic hormone can decrease excess body fat. While doing this, lean muscle mass will be increased. Significantly, because this bodily function is targeted, the hormone can help improve the quality of sleep. What happens here is this. Non REM slow wave sleep is promoted.

During non-REM sleep, the body secretes cells throughout the body. The effective use of this synthetic hormone has, by now, been scientifically proven to reverse the tide of human body ageing. While stimulating amino acid transport, it also stimulates necessary protein synthesis. Provided that the administration remains under the care of a qualified physician, use of sermorelin remains safe. Determining whether this synthetic hormone is ideal can only be determined after the specialist practitioner has completed his detailed diagnosis, in which case symptoms of hormone deficiencies will be addressed.